The Influencers

The Influencers

ABOUT TR Johnson

TR Johnson
Realtor, entrepreneur and business writer, TR discovered her passion to inspire through writing seemingly by accident.

A heartbreaking health diagnoses turned her life upside down.  Earthly Angels came to the rescue helping her discover a passion she did not know existed.



Two Influencers who lost their way.  Mysteriously they find themselves
together at 18 Jupiter Lane.  One from the 19th century, one from the 21st century, both alone, afraid and running.  
We pray for them, we cry with them all the while cheering them on as they face a storm so dramatic it shuts the city down.
They come to learn the specialness of 18 Jupiter Lane realizing frozen hearts do not survive the storms of life...

The Influencers teach us to "keep the knowledge in motion". We all have so much to give to help others. The goal of "The Influencers" is to help people realize when we help someone, we help ourselves. Giving and sharing is not based on monetary efforts, sometimes just a smile, a handshake or a nod to let someone know you care is all that is needed. We all influence, "The Influencers" sends the message to choose to influence on purpose in a positive manner. As we journey with Learesse and Joseph, two Influencers who lost their way, we see how simple acts of kindness influence and change their lives.

Nikkeve Toi, Beauty Blogger, Freelance Writer -
"The Influencers is a literacy journey that leads you to your best self. This is the first and only self-help book that I've read that is also a fun and exciting read. I found the book so engaging that I ended up reading it in its entirety in one sitting. The Influencers is an interactive book that engages you to realize your leadership skills. 

The cutting edge ideas and concepts in the first half of the book are portrayed and interpreted in the second half of the book as a fictional story. 

Ms. TR Johnson's use of language flows like a beautiful poem. The Influencers is an empowering book that a person from any walk of life can benefit from. 

The Influencers will positively influence all who read it."

LaFonne R. Ealey, Appeals Writer
"The Influencers was a very powerful read; it not only combined a fictional and non-fictional situation to satisfy the reader, but it also took me on an educational and whimsical journey. 

The definition of the 8 Snippets was outstanding! They can be used in everyone's everyday life. 

The exercises were thought provoking, especially the one "what' defines a great influencer?" 

The author of this book is an excellent influencer; she taught me to think outside of the norm and to pursue greatness within myself."

Virgie M. Binford
"Congratulations on your new publication, The Influencers, it is outstanding! I am proud of you! Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to reading your next publication."