A Love Delayed

General Fiction, Romance

By Toye Brown

Publisher : Books By Toye

ABOUT Toye Brown

Toye Brown
Toye Lawson Brown lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an Amazon bestselling author of romance which includes interracial romance, romantic suspense, and multicultural novels. And recently nominated by the B.R.A.B Book Club for Breakout Author of the Year 2014. Each novel is a journey into the More...


Marcus Winters had what most men wanted.  Fame, money, a successful career after retiring from the NFL.   He lived a clean life  - at least that is what people thought.  Behind closed doors his life was far from perfect. 

Lauren Bennett came to Cleveland, Ohio to embark on her new career as a Marketing Director. Little did she know the innocent morning she spent with a mysterious stranger, would turn into a life-changing journey.

Follow the lives of two individuals destined to be together only to have circumstances possibly keep them apart.  Will love be strong enough to overcome the stumbling blocks thrown in their path to happiness, or will the towel be thrown in for each to go their separate way?

Two hearts destined to beat as one but circumstances are standing in the way preventing that from happening. How will Marcus and Lauren find a way to be together after the drama starts.


Surprisingly awesome! Real life characters in real live situations with real outcomes. I felt like it was more of an example of true friendship than a love story, but I suppose that is a love story right? These characters command you to look at your own friendships and other relationships. I feel that when you begin to place yourself into the characters situations- that is a good book! Good job!