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Mark Clayborne
After suffering from a poor credit report for years, Mark Clayborne went on a mission to study everything he could on restoring his credit. Concluding the extensive research, he repaired his credit report and learned various hidden secrets on how to improve a bad credit file. Because of th More...



"This book had a lot of good things that helped me repair my credit." - Direck Chatman "The best credit repair book I have ever read." - John Davis Are you tired and frustrated of being denied credit? Are high interest rates robbing you of your hard earned income and preventing you from getting out of debt? Your low credit score may even be stopping you from getting a new job or home. 

Take heart. There is hope because, for the first time ever, Hidden Credit Repair Secrets exposes the heavily guarded credit repair secrets used by certified credit consultants and credit repair law firms. One of their own has actually begun to make these strategies and techniques available to the public. As a Certified Credit Consultant with years of experience in the credit restoration field, Mark Clayborne divulges how to legally restore your credit in his ground-breaking book, Hidden Credit Repair Secrets. 

In this book, you will discover how to:
* Legally restore your credit report.
* Remove damaging negative marks.
* Settle your debts for penny's on the dollar.
* Stop collection agencies from harassing you. 
* Establish and rebuild your credit. 
* Bounce back from bankruptcy within a year.
* Raise your credit score fast. 

"I really loved the letters in the 12 step dispute plan." -Sabrina Reece

As a special bonus, Mark Clayborne has included a 12-step dispute plan that will allow you to send carefully-crafted dispute letters with the appropriate language to get negative items removed from your credit report. All letters were reviewed by attorneys. No thinking or studying is required. Just input your information and send the letters. Bad credit can be limiting and even disastrous to your quality of life, begin restoring your credit and financial health today. Everything you need is included in this one book, Hidden Credit Repair Secrets.

After suffering from a poor credit report for years, Mark Clayborne went on a mission to study everything he could on restoring his credit. Concluding the extensive research, he repaired his credit report and learned various hidden secrets on how to improve a bad credit file. Because of this no found tested knowledge, Mr. Clayborne helped over a hundred consumers repair their credit and take their financial life back. Now, he wants to share these strategies with the world and as a result HIDDEN CREDIT REPAIR SECRETS was created which has sold over 1000 copies as of today. Mark is a certified credit consultant with over 100 articles written in the area of credit repair. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He also holds a paralegal diploma. He currently lives in sunny California with a beautiful wife and lovely daughter

I ordered this book. With only a $30 investment, I learned how I could repair my credit and remove negative marks that have prevented me from getting the much needed loan that I wanted to buy a house. This book is full of legitimate advice from credit experts. I felt that I was being led in the right direction. Mark is tremendously helpful. His research of credit repair is remarkable. Without this book, I don't know where my credit would be now. Thank you, Mark Clayborne, for helping me get out of my credit debt and repair my credit problems.

         Rebecca Townes

         November 29, 2010

  This is an amazing, informative text and whether you are entrenched in debt, or simply looking for ways to stay ahead of a slumping economy, this book has everything you need.

         Sparky 52984

         January 9, 2011


Before filing for bankruptcy, my husband and I were repeatedly told that our credit would not be fixed for at least the next 7 years. We were disappointed and had no choice but to go for the bankruptcy filing. After filing, we planned to research for ways to rebuild our credit and we came to know about this book called Hidden Credit Repair Secrets. This book is a life saver. After just a few months of reading this book, we started seeing a difference in our credit. We are glad we didn't have to wait for years for our credit repair. This book was really helpful and knowledgeable.


         December 15, 2010

Repairing your credit can be a challenging task, but the easy- to-read style of this guide makes it seem simple. I'm half-way through the book, but I wanted to you give you my take on it. Right now I'm reading the debt settlement section of the book and it provides very detailed steps on what to do, and I like that.


         July 3, 2011


Okay, enough of that. Let's get to the meat of this book. This book is an absolute must-buy if you are serious about repairing your credit. Let me tell you why. In the first chapter of this book, Mr. Clayborne breaks down the many ways that you can get your credit reports for free. I did not know that you can even get your credit reports for free. In the second chapter, he moves into the dispute process. He talks about how to dispute a negative mark with the credit bureaus and the various ways you can dispute a negative item. In the next chapter, he talks about what to do if the credit bureau refuses to investigate your dispute. This was one of my best chapters because I ran into this problem before with the credit bureaus and did not know how to respond to them. However, with this new information, I now know how to counter their letters. That's it for now, because I don't want to let out the secrets in this book. I hope this review helped.

         Dorie Diongson

         June 30, 2011


After looking at all of the good reviews on this book, I decided to take a chance on it, because I wanted to fix my credit. I must say, Hidden Credit Repair Secrets has good information in it that you can put to action right away. I really liked the 12-Step Dispute Plan. Most books don't have a plan like this one. Good stuff, Mark.

         Brigham Sg Valenca

         June 30, 2011


I purchased this book about 2 months ago and have found it to be very useful and a lot more in-depth than some of the other credit repair / credit related literature I have read. It outlines easy-to-follow instructions on how to attack, fix, and erase just about anything on your credit reports. This book is not a magic cure--it takes time, dedication, and the correct applications of the techniques--but they will work. Also, I really like how he shows how to contact willing and qualified attorneys to ask about your credit court issues without the huge bill. This would be great for anyone, no matter his or her credit situation.

         James B Long

         June 26, 2011


This book is very well organized and has a nicely laid out process for repairing your credit. It explains the different entities and situations that affect consumers credit reports, and gives associated plans of action for each. Because I had some financial difficulties in the past years, my credit report was affected. Had I not read this book, I would not have realized that some of the negative reporting is inaccurate and illegal, and I can fight back against the bureaus and collection agencies. Thanks for writing this book!

         SB GAL

         May 19, 2011


I'm glad that I came across this book when I did, because now  I can appreciate the knowledge that Mr. Clayborne provides. I've made numerous attempts to repair my credit, always starting off strong in the beginning, but got so discouraged quickly because I constantly ran into obstacles. Mr. Clayborne clearly maps the steps you need to get started, hang in, and get success in the end. You can't go wrong with this buy at all.

         Sophany J

         May 8, 2011