HERO-The Manipulated Perception

HERO-The Manipulated Perception

ABOUT Kevon Brown

Kevon Brown
Kevon Brown was born in Vineland NJ but raised in Woodbury, NJ graduating from West Deptford High School in the class of 2009. With five sisters and two brothers, Kevon is the second oldest and the first one to attend college currently enrolled at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ seeking t More...



Overwhelmed by the shadow of his friends and with his family depending on him, Timothy Spears struggles to find his place and to prove that he has something to offer. Breaking out, Tim finds himself on the side of a world that for so long , he could only dream of.

I was very excited to receive this in the mail and begun reading it almost immediately. This personal tale really caught my attention and held onto it through the book. It was a great read and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys learning more and thinking abstractly.