OUTSIDE - a post-apocalyptic novel

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Shalini Boland

Publisher : Adrenalin Books

ABOUT Shalini Boland

Shalini Boland
I live in Dorset, England with my husband and two noisy boys. Before children, I was signed to Universal Music as a singer songwriter and spent my days and nights writing, recording, touring and performing.

Now, writing novels has hijacked my life and I'm usually to be fo More...


The world of the future is divided by Perimeters: high-security gated communities where life goes on as normal. If you’re inside you’re lucky. If you’re outside, life expectancy takes a nose dive.

Riley is fortunate to have been born on the right side of the fence. But her life of privilege comes crashing down when someone breaks through the Perimeter and murders her sister.

She forsakes her own safety to go in search of the killer. Luc decides to go with her otherwise she’ll be dead before she’s past the security gate. But what awaits her outside is more unbelievable than she’d ever imagined.