Feeding the Urge

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Jeffrey Kosh
"Jeffrey Kosh has a sensitive and educated way with words. I expect this writer to go far and to do great work. It makes me happy to watch his literary growth. The man can write." Billie Sue Mosiman - Author of Killing Carla (Edgars and Stoker Award Nominated Author.)   Jeffre More...



In Prosperity Glades, a small town on the shores of Lake Okeechobee, you can run across Dr. Axel J. Hyde, the County's Assistant Medical Examiner. He's an eye-catching man, yet hides a dark secret from the age of ten. He's a remorseless murderer with a weird twist: a 'Rider' urges him to hunt and dismember 'people who feeds on fear'. Sexual killers, rapists, pedophiles - none escape his cold fury. However, when someone begins 'poaching' into his territory, Axel is caught between the urge to find and kill this kindred soul or greet another of his 'species'. Is the Rider a real spiritual entity or just the product of a kid's scarred psyche? Do you dare to find out? Feeding the Urge is a novel exploring a traumatized man's inner struggle between feelings and urges. It is Will alone stronger than Demons? 
Adult only.

I often compare the creation of 'Feeding the Urge' to that of the Frankenstein's monster - the literary one, not that from the movies. It began with a dream, an idea on creating something new, something different from mainstay Horror literature, something which simply was not there. The dream became an obsession, and like that infamous 18th century scientist, I began delving into forbidden knowledge and maddening stuff. Sometimes, even allowed me a grisly laugh, while researching on morgues, causes of death, and instruments of pain. Like Victor, I ventured into forlorn graveyards of human knowledge, unearthing the bodies of those who preceded me, studying their anatomy and complexities. Next, came the meat and bones of the story. I spent whole nights penning down my manuscript, assembling and dissecting it again, always looking for perfection, yet achieving none. Once, it appeared too different from what I had in mind; a wretched creature which disgusted me. At another time, it distanced so much from whom I intended the thing to be. I could not allow. So, I suppressed the thing with a pillow, and created a new head for it. This head was Nemesis. Since I do not want to spoil my novel for you, I'm not going to reveal who - or what - this Nemesis is. Feeding the Urge received its first spark of life on the night of January 1st 2012. Mary Shelley published her 'Modern Prometheus' in January the 1st 1818. I was excited, because I'm in love with her masterpiece. Unlike its literary analogue it began to talk immediately and is even able to enjoy a good conversation. Yet, beware, because inside that large skull lays still an abnormal brain. Mine.

"Fascinating Read." - Kat Yares (Author of Vengeance is Mine)
 With a unique voice and writing style, Jeffrey Kosh weaves a fascinating story in Feeding the Urge. Feeding the Urge is a thought provoking novel that leaves the reader pondering what is truly good and what is absolute evil. This is an Indy author to watch.

"One To Watch." - Franklin E. Wales (Author of Deadheads: Evolution) 
Kosh has the chops to be a player in the world of the written word. Florida Glades, Indian spiritualism, and enough darkness to bring it way up on the creep factor combined with some damn fine suspense, make this debut's author "One to watch!" 

Heaven Liegh Eldeen - Author of 'The Demon Side'
Jeffrey Kosh has a natural talent for spinning an entertaining, engaging story. Not only does he paint a picture with your mind's eye, but captures it's full attention!