Samuel Tilden, the Real 19th President

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Nikki Oldaker

Publisher : Show Biz East Productions

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Nikki Oldaker
Author/Producer - Show Biz East Productions


"Adapted from the screenplay "Tilden," Samuel Tilden the Real 19th President is based on his true election story. The GOP conspirators are many and the book reveals all the facts about the election dispute. Part Two, written by John Bigelow verifies all the details as fact. During Gore/Bush, Election 2000 dispute hundreds of reporters and legal eagles turned to this disputed election to get answers. President Hayes - was nicknamed; "Your Fraudulency and Old 7 to 8" because voters they knew he was not elected by the peoples' votes.

Story opens Election Night November 7 1876 - Tilden wins and is elected by the peoples vote as their 19th President. Later that evening after Rutherford B Hayes concedes a New York Times Managing Editor, John Reid hatches a scheme to confuse the election results. He wakes the Republican Chairman who is sleeping off a hangover to ask him if he can have his permission to contact states under reconstruction to hold their vote. The Chairman Zack Taylor thinks Reid is crazy but allows him to send telegrams to several party chair leaders to change the outcome and deny Tilden the one electoral college he needs to secure the presidency. Rutherford Hayes had no knowledge of the scheme because he was home in Ohio and Republican Party headquarters was in New York. Hayes finds out after the telegrams are sent and he' was later wired a telegram to stop conceding publicly. The story moves very fast and brings the reader through the process of the dispute and dirty tricks being played by corrupt politicians. Even President Grant who was at the Worlds Fair in PA had no idea what was going on until he returned days later to discover his Secretary of State dispersed Union soldiers to 3 states still under Federal control & reconstruction- SC, FL & LA. This election dispute set Civil Rights for the southern blacks back to pre Civil war time period --not by fault of the Republicans but by fault of Southern Carpetbagger Democrats that wanted to control the south financially. This book reveals the facts of the situation as it happens and focuses on how New York Governor Tilden was under minded by a party he was famous for reforming. His supporters marched in the streets of DC & New York carrying "Tilden or Blood" signs - they were ready to start a second Civil War to protect his duly elected Presidency. To this day historians argue the disputed election. Samuel J Tilden never conceded his Presidency although many modern day authors when writing about the election say he preserve the Hayes legacy. Hayes himself was embarrassed by the actions of his party because he was nicknamed "Your Fraudulency" Hayes during his Inaugural address stated he would serve only this one term and not seek a second term. After you read this book you too will know exactly how the Media, Congress, the U.S. Senate & the Supreme Court corrupted the outcome.

April 09, 2007: Samuel Tilden: The Real 19th President, by Nikki Oldaker In 1876, one hundred years after our founding fathers so assiduously designed our free democracy, this same democracy was hijacked. An unscrupulous group of ?dead of night? conspirators collaborated to steal the Presidency. Nothing less than a coup, and utterly audacious in its concept and delivery, this crime against the people?s right to choose tars our nation?s history. Author Nikki Oldaker presents this story with powerful simplicity, her choice of present tense providing an urgency that is shocking. We are drawn into the story from the night before the election. We come to know and respect Samuel Tilden- his sense of morality and honor, and his determination to ?clean up? the fraud and corruption of the Federal Government. As the tale unfolds, we, as voters in this democracy, are stunned and betrayed right along with Tilden and his many supporters. Although Tilden received a 254,000 majority of the votes, over Rutherford Hayes, it was Hayes who was inaugurated the 19th President of the United States, and came to be called by many, ?Your Fraudulency.? It is the dramatic unfolding of the events of this outrage that make up this compelling story, deftly handled by Nikki Oldaker. While this travesty occurred over one hundred years ago, it is clear to the reader that parallels can be drawn to the concerns and charges of voting fraud that were raised against both the 2000 and the 2004 Presidential elections. There are echoes of this dark tale in today?s extreme political bipartisanship. It may be Ms. Oldaker's intent to bring the reader?s focus to this repetition of history, while she shows us that alert vigilance is ever mandatory in a democratic society. Samuel Tilden, in his speech following his concession of the presidency, stated, ?Successful wrong never appears so triumphant as on the very eve of its fall... We must believe in the right and in the future. A great and noble nation will not sever its political from its moral life.? Let us hope he was right...Diane Solomon