A Time To Lie

Mystery & Thrillers

By Douglas Hardin

Publisher : D.W. Hardin

ABOUT Douglas Hardin

Douglas Hardin
D.W. Hardin has experience in the field of law enforcement and as registered nurse.  He draws upon his prior experience to write. In a joint decision, his wife, Carmen, and he decided it was time for him to follow his lifelong dream to write. His debut novel was Hidden and Imminent Danger More...



     In a life or death situation, a police officer has milliseconds to make a decision that will affect the rest of his life. The flash of a gun forces Officer John Drake to make such a decision. Not only is the suspect killed, but a fellow officer is mortally wounded. Before the internal investigation can ramp up into high gear, the "Monday morning quarterbacking" starts from the press. Was the officer accidentally killed by Drake? Should he be charged with killing another officer? Politics skew the investigation and damn Drake, forcing him to take unorthodox action. The realistic fast-paced scenario follows what an officer can experience when lethal force is used.
"Even though I've been a law enforcement officer for 34 years, I was not much for reading 'police books', but when I started reading Doug's book, I could not put it down! This book depicts 'life on the streets' for law enforcement officers as it really is!" - Deputy Randal Hogan, Investigator, Internal Affairs, JCSO.
This was the first book I had read by Mr. Hardin, and I can honestly say that I have already recommended this to several people I know who are also voracious readers. I do not write reviews for every work I read. This is a notable exception. I have read this book three times, most recently on Sunday. Yes, it is that good..." - K. Nejdal 

"A book that I barely could put down mainly because I felt so angry about the justice system accusing John Drake. A husband trying to patch thins up with his wife, a father and a police officer accused of shooting 2 people, one of them a fellow officer who was shot from behind. Everything seems to work against John, the system, the pres, even though the facts at the murder scene do not add up...." Miranda McHenry

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A police shooting that goes awry. Officer John Drake's life is suddenly thrust into turmoil. Doug Hardin provides an insight into the politics and bureaucracy of the cop world like few others can...." - Mike Roche