Love Pour Over Me

Romance, General Fiction, Christian Books

By Denise Turney

Publisher : Chistell Publishing

ABOUT Denise Turney

Denise Turney
Denise Turney is a journalist, editor, full-time freelance writer and avid book reader. Turney is also the author of the books Love Pour Over Me (new book!), Portia, Long Walk Up, Spiral, Love Has Many Faces, Rosetta's Great Hope (children's book) and Gada's Glory. She is also the host of More...


Secret love story that you won't forget. Perfect blend of real life romance, mystery, sports  and fame. Fans of A Man Called Ove, Wounded, Thirteen Moons and Loving Donovan may fall in love with Love Pour Over Me
More Facts About Love Pour Over Me
Raymond is the only man from his neighborhood to make it out, to rise above poverty, prison and drug addiction. A gifted athlete, Raymond is a sexy African American man. Women love him. He's a relentless sports champion. He's also terrified.

He's pushed over the cliff of fear early as an only child growing up in a home with a bullying, alcoholic father. Raymond and his alcoholic father, a man who works long, unforgiving days at an automobile plant (the best job in Dayton), live alone in a house in West Dayton, the toughest part of the city. These two powerful men are forced together after Raymond's gorgeous, dreamy-eyed mother walks out.

Yet, forced together and belonging together are two different sides of their risky relationship. This reckless father, son bond, combined with the amazing, manipulative neighbors and unsuspecting college students who enter their lives take readers on a suspenseful page turning ride through Center City Philadelphia, the rugged mountains of Tennessee and the eastern shore of Africa.

As unmatched as Raymond's athletic skill is (he's on his way to the Olympics), so too is the messiness, the utter brokenness in Raymond's life. It's at a Philadelphia university, where Raymond is ready to discover a new life, that things start to get frighteningly mysterious. Immediately, Raymond meets a motley sort of male friends, each with a hard-to-believe story of his own. These hard charging men enter a lifelong bond. They also make a pact to keep their involvement in a murder secret.

For Raymond, the stakes are higher than the threat of discovery, than the threat of prison. Raymond's desperate attempts to avoid love threaten to keep him from the only woman he's ever truly loved, the woman he was born to love. Find out if love is really enough. Get your copy of Love Pour Over Me today.

Love Pour Over Me reads like a something that really happened to a family. I bought the book yesterday and am already on Chapter 10!  I'm loving this book!

Just downloaded Love Pour Over Me on Kindle.  What a start!  You've definitely got my attention.  I'm so looking forward to reading the rest of this book!