The Weaver's Route

General Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Melynda Caston

Publisher : kindle direct publishing

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Melynda Caston
Melynda has a BA in Child Services and a BS in History, with minors in Psychology, Anthropology, Ancient Civilizations, and a certificate in Medieval Studies. Melynda enjoys playing role playing games, especially Dungeons and Dragons. The ability to change character and walk though another More...



Samantha enters the Citadel to study the natural forces of the universe. As a new initiate, Samantha will learn about the latticework of magic that surrounds and binds all things in the universe, with a refreshed sense of independence, only to find that the path to true freedom is much more difficult than originally expected. Her dreams are haunted by a mysterious man, a secret lover who she had known as a young girl, a man who now holds prestige and power at the Citadel and the keys to unlocking Samantha’s future. As she discovers more restraints, Samantha realizes that she must actively fight for her freedoms within the Citadel while unraveling the mysterious prophecy that may be the only thing truly forcing her life to follow a path she may not want to follow. To break from the prophecy could ensure freedom and destroy everything she loved, but to follow the prophecy could make her a pawn to much greater powers vying for control in the world. 
5.0 out of 5 stars Must readMarch 28, 2012 
Reviewed by Anne B. for

The Weaver's Route by Melynda Caston Anthony Allen begins by introducing us to Samantha Devanger and her greyhound companion, Pip. Sam had an invitation from the Watcher Questor to train at the Amber Citadel in the ways of the weirding. She would not be a regular student but a special project and was required to cut all ties with her family.

The Amber Citadel was located in Myos. The training center was mysterious and magical. The weeks stretched on as Sam waited to meet with the Questor. She spent her time exploring the grounds of the Citadel and dreaming about what life would have been like with the man she loved. The man she loved was an Elder at the Citadel and one that wielded great power. He was feared by the students but loved by Samantha. The couple soon found someone wanted to stop them from playing their part in prophecy.

From the first page, The Weaver's Route wove a spell over me, holding me captive. I spent the day reading this delightful tome taking only short breaks. Allen has created a mysterious world that will please the most discriminating reader. Her characters are multifaceted and likable. Even the secondary characters are well developed and add much to the plot. The love between Valdamar/Lycenean and Samantha was strong. This reader could feel the yearning they had for each other. I enjoyed Henry and Sam's interaction. Alissa and Kenya played a small part in the beginning of the book, but they helped define Sam's character. While this is a fantasy, it is also a love story. In this case you cannot separate the two genres, for without the romance there is no fantasy and without the fantasy there is no romance. I could see Alexander falling in love with Sam from their first meeting, but she could only love Valdamar. The plot is wonderful with its twists, turns and surprises. I hope the author is going to make this into a series.