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Aggie Villanueva
BIOGRAPHYAggie’s how-to, The Rewritten Word, held multiple Amazon category bestseller status for over seventeen months (and still holding), and Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers  hit multiple category bestseller three days after release at Kindle. Published at Thomas Nelson before More...



This eBook hit multiple category bestsellers 3 days after release at Kindle.

It is the most comprehensive help you'll find in using simple techniques offered through Amazon's category choices, leading to your book becoming a category bestseller. And the book is so much more. It takes a look at Amazon’s intertwining background systems and controversies affecting authors, all through the eyes of a fellow writer who views it as you do, not as a tech or legal professional. So it’s easy reading.

You’ve made sure to list your book on Amazon because everyone says you must. But you’ve made more sales to family on your own than through Amazon.

Here’s an important question: once your book is published do you let it just sit and wait for sales that never come? That may be why you’re not making sales. You haven’t learned to work Amazon, especially concerning their categories.

Amazon wisely structured their site for auto-promotion, promotion and more promotion applied to each and every book without bias. But few authors are aware of the tendrils of opportunity extending from your sales page to your target audiences. And those lead to more and those lead to more and… 

If you want to become a category bestseller at Amazon/Kindle don’t relegate Amazon book Categories to a search engine. Learn to list books under the best categories or you may never earn a Category Best Seller. You won’t even be eligible in some cases.

Aggie warns not to mistake Amazon for just the world’s largest bookseller. If treated as a simple bookstore you’ll never garner the vast benefits of selling books at Amazon. They have created an ingenious marketing engine that drills through several layers of free and automated publicity, each layer completely unique, and each layer reaching millions of readers every minute of every day.

After learning this skill from Villanueva many writers check to find that their books don’t have any categories attached! Conversely many find they are already Category Best Sellers, they just didn’t know it. 

I write many white paper type reports on the book marketing industry. My report on this topic was so popular, and people were requesting classes, etc. I decided to expand the topic to go more in depth into how and why to use Amazon categories, and touched on many of their other top 100 lists used to help publicize your books into bestsellers. I also teach this subject around the Web.

"This book is a little jewel. Aggie Villanueva’s how-to changes your perspective of Amazon from that of an online book store to that of an author publicity machine. like its namesake – is a large, unfathomable, murky river with many secrets and many treasures. This book shines a light on one such secret – using the categories function on Amazon to create best sellers. This little book is essential reading for authors ... even those who hate Amazon!"
     Vikram Narayan, CEO

"If your book is listed on Amazon, but you don't know about these hidden features that benefit writers, you're missing out big time. Best-selling author Aggie Villanueva takes you step-by-step through the process of categorizing your book and offers dozens of valuable tips that will help your book reach the top - or at least gain greater visibility. This book is fantastic."
     Author/Editor Sigrid Macdonald

“This is an excellent/easy-to-read and easy-to-implement "how to" book. Thank you, Aggie, for being willing to share your knowledge with others and for being such an awesome author. Thanks for picking us to be your co-publisher! Your book is also offered on our”
     VicToria Freudiger, owner Digi-Tall Media & Entry Way Publishing


“If you're a new author or simply wanting to get great, creative and FREE ideas for marketing it on Amazon, you have to read Aggie Villanueva's book, Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers. Her advice is spot on for me, a new author.”
     Cinda Crawford Host Health Matters Show. See video review