Soul Inheritance

General Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Honey Hutson

Publisher : Black Rose Writing

Soul Inheritance

ABOUT Honey Hutson

Honey Hutson
I am the author of Soul Inheritance and Inheritance Rising. I am also an avid reader and movie watcher of paranormal/suspense/thrillers.



Katherine McKalister’s dull and lonely life is about to take a drastic turn. Everything she ever thought she knew is ripped away in a twist of fate as she finds out she isn’t who she thought. The mysteries build as journals and papers start to surface and she discovers a bizarre family heritage accompanied by a centuries old property. Thrown into a dark journey she must find her way through the dangerous tangle of secrets, deceptions and family rivals. And only steps behind is a creature risen from the burning times who holds the covenants made by her ancestors and is interested in nothing less than her and the power she wields to resurrect the family, all it’s power and control of the generations to come.

The author was born and raised in a poor family in the Appalacian Mountains. It ten years of work and determination before she could attend college, then started in night school and earned a full scholarship to Hollins Univeristy. This is the second book written since and the first published. The second book is due out Summer 2012 and three more are being marketed.

Also Voted Best Read of 2011 by Way 2 Kool Designs Reviewers!

Patty Foltz
Soul Inheritance by Honey A. Hutson
Katherine started out life in poverty; she was often picked on because of the way she dressed or the holes in her shoes. She lived in a tiny shack in a bad neighborhood.  

But those days are gone; she now lives in a good neighborhood, and owns a chain of flower shops. The only problem now is dealing with her dead beat boyfriend and the nightmares she has been having. Katherine soon learns though, there is more to these nightmares than she knows. The lake, the house, and the creatures in her dreams are part of her inheritance.  

This story was so good that it only took a couple of evenings to read. I had to force my self to put it down that first night so I could get some sleep. There wasn’t a dull moment in this story.  I also think this story is very unique and original. I have read a lot of books that have to do with different types of creatures, but the creature in this story was new to me.  

I find it hard to believe this is Honey Hutson’s first published Novel. She writes like a pro and will hold you captivated through the whole story.  

This author deserves more then 5 stars Reviews    
Patty Foltz