The Astonishing Dream of JOB - Understanding the Relationship between Soul, Spirit, Ego, & Heart

Self-Help and Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality, General Fiction

By Ernie Vecchio

Publisher : Institute for Compassionate Living

ABOUT Ernie Vecchio

Ernie Vecchio
I am also the author of The Soul’s Intent and Big Tail – Small Kite, as well as the founder of the Institute for Compassionate Living. In my extensive career as a trauma psychologist I discovered that when ego or personality was stripped away, my patients had a unique opportunity to  More...



When a valuable piece of twelfth-century pottery resurfaces, it’s discovered that the real treasure lies hidden within its walls in the form of an ancient text. Reimagining the biblical story of Job not as a real event, but rather as a dream stemming from Job’s reaction to internal stress, the text has the potential to change how human beings relate to suffering.

Longtime friends Pieta and Lou glean profound insights from the text. Though love is the ultimate and highest goal to which humans can aspire, the text sheds light on a distortion about self-love—the one that says that loving oneself is narcissistic. This is a belief that ultimately only hinders the universal quest for self-love. Pieta and Lou discover the text’s final message: that soul, spirit, ego, and heart have a symbiotic relationship that is only known through transformative suffering.

At a time in history when we have worn out the fated “why” of life, The Astonishing Dream of Job, offering a glimpse into Job’s inner experience, gives deeper meaning to what it means to be human and offers clarity to those seeking self-understanding along the spiritual path.     

In my career, I have been intimately involved with the recovery of six thousand severely disabled patients. We call people who travel in outer space astronauts. It seems we have no name for those who have traveled through inner space. Philosophy and spiritual teachers call inner space ‘…the road less traveled.’ Ironically, it is the only road I know. Now that I have returned to the surface, it is my desire to share with the world the depth of my findings. If I were returning from outer space, I could show you pictures of the rings of Saturn. Or, a picture of the blue marble we call earth standing on the moon. Most will never know that inner space is equally as beautiful, compelling, and mysterious. The answers it provides about love, suffering, happiness, purpose, why, are all profound! It is my passion to share with the world the clarity of these experiences through my writings and teachings.