Passion is a Harsh Taskmaster

Passion is a Harsh Taskmaster

ABOUT Randy Finch

Randy Finch
I grew up in Louisville, KY, and received a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisville in 1978. After graduation, I worked as an engineer for several years, but shifted to doing computer-related work when personal computers became popular in the early 1980’s More...



Skeptic Tom Shallot's worldview is turned upside down when he, after cheating on his Christian wife, is visited by a man from the future. Surprisingly, this man convinces Tom that he must divorce his wife in order to protect her. Over the years more visits from this advice bearing futuristic man occur. When Tom discovers the true nature of these visits, he finds that he must team up with the "other woman" to interpret cryptic clues. The lives of loved ones are at stake.