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ABOUT Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is a Canadian best-selling author, online social media & marketing expert (offering free Internet marketing tips), producer and hostess of “Talk Radio Network” former “AuthorsArticulating”, founder & business manager of —“Premium Promotional Ser More...



Gain The Knowledge You Need To Make The Profits You Deserve

Great tool for authors and anyone selling items on the Internet!

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen's latest release will help you master the marketing of your products on the Internet. This easy to understand and easy-on-the-eye book contains a glossary of relevant Internet terms and phrases to help you navigate your way to success.

Jo-Anne shows you how to ...
• Get Started: Creating a Following
• Establish a Voice (BLOGGING)
• Advance in the Search Engines  
• Guarantee Massive Exposure (SOCIAL NETWORKING)
• Create a Platform (ATTRACTING CLIENTS)
• Target your Audience (SAVING ENERGY)
• Balance Online Activities (MANAGING TIME)
• Reach Your Goal (SUCCESS, HERE I COME!)

• packed with tips that are proven to work
• user-friendly for the beginner, average, and advanced marketer
• filled with up-to-date attainable tips you can use right now
• flexible in that you can use these tips for ANY product you wish to sell online
• a quick read — in addition to a glossary at the back, each technical or marketing term is highlighted in the copy with a definition and/or example footnoted RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SAME PAGE! Jo-Anne PERSONALLY REQUESTED THIS ADDITIONAL FEATURE that increased her publishing costs so you will be able to flow through the entire book quickly and with complete understanding. BRILLIANT!

Gain the Knowledge you Need to make the Profits you Deserve!