Project Sol-Nites

ABOUT H.L. Navarro

H.L. Navarro
I am a new author, I have always wanted to write a book but never thought that it could be possible. Despite this, I wrote ideas and outlines every once in a while. Eventually I found out about self publishing and how easy its become so I decided to finally write my books and it feels grea More...


Project Sol-Nites is a futuristic book taking place in the year 2178. The world has been devastated by World War III in 2086 and within 5 years billions of lives are lost. The United States now known as New World Central in order to prevent any future wars has isolated itself from the rest of the world creating massive walls at the borders. Within these walls New World Central has created massive domes encasing major cities where peaceful lives and technology flourish. The advanced technology ensures safety and long lives because of this many people from around the world risk everything to enter the walls of New World Central. Unbeknownst to many of these outsiders New World Central has several ways to prevent this including an implant called a Data Link which is used by New World Central to ensure only citizens walk within the walls. This implant besides being used as a citizen tracker takes the place of many of the technology used today such as a cell phones, televisions, and computers. Rarely outsiders do get through the walls and into domes this causes an elite soldier force called S.O.R.T. to be deployed to ensure their capture.

Our protagonist, Altas Morros, is a member of this elite team who are being injected with nanites to increase their connections with the Data Link. The injections are suppose to help process the vast information being brought in by the uplink but Altas senses something is wrong, besides this Altas does not feel the same way towards the outsiders as the rest of the citizens do. As Altas' story unfolds many twists and turns will keep you entertained and wanting more. Who caused World War III? Are the outsiders as dangerous as New World Central wants their citizens to believe? Are there other forces at work controlling New World Central? Can one man change the world?