The Fix it Lady

General Fiction, Romance

By Gary Weston

Publisher : Gary Weston

ABOUT Gary Weston

Gary Weston
Divorcee living in New Zealand. I have been writing seriously for about five years. I have no fixed genre, just whatever pops into my head at the time, be it fantasy, horror, romance or even poetry. All my books can be found on


Who is the strange and mysterious lady pushing her pram with her few belongings in it, along the highway, from town to town? She changes the lives of everyone she meets forever. All my books can be found at for all reading devices

I had a strange image pop into my head Just a woman about forty years old, pushing all her worldly goods in a pram. Who was she? Where was she going? We all impact on one anothers lives. The Fix it Lady impacted more than most. The final question was, if the Fix it Lady fixes everyone else's lives. can she ever get her own life fixed? If you like this one, plenty more at