Hard Press'd

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Publisher : Linda Rae Blair, Author

Hard Press'd


Raleigh artist, Linda Rae Blair was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. As Mt. St. Helens was erupting, she and her family were in the process of moving to Seattle, Washington. When her children were grown, she traveled the country, relocating to Ohio, North Carolina, and Monterey Bay, More...


Welcome to the beach—Virginia Beach to be precise.

The latest murder of a young woman in Virginia Beach has shaken both of his worlds. The FBI is in on the case for reasons they will not fully explain to Press. Determined to find the killer and cooperate with thebeautiful FBI agent assigned to the case.

Press juggles the two sides of his life, but may find it is more than he can handle this time. Detective Preston Andrews (Press to his friends) comes from wealthy Virginia Society with a capital "S". He is a man admired by women for his handsome face and well-toned physique. Men respect his opinion and skill on the job. Crooks cringe at his tough attitude and tenacity.

Despite his refusal to accept the FBI's efforts to recruit him, he remains with the Virginia Beach Police Department as their senior detective.


His career is a great success—much to his father's dismay. U.S. Senator Andrews would prefer his son go into Foreign Service or politics.

A year ago, Press helped the FBI solve the East coast's worse series of murders since The Boston Strangler. He carries the bullet wound to prove it.

His personal life is a mess. His younger sister won't speak to him (his own fault), his live-in girl friend moved out, his parents are disappointed in his career choice, and the 180 lb. dog, Jones, who shares his beachfront mansion, has failed multiple attempts at obedience training—and he's still growing.

A young girl's murder brings these aspects of his life all crashing together.

"Hard Press'd" is the first in The Preston Andrews Mysteries series. Preston (Press to his friends) is wealthy, gorgeous and from an old and prestigious political family. Imagine their dismay when their only son decides to follow his childhood muse to become a homicide detective! Press buy's the family's summer house (so, okay, it's a mansion) and becomes the Virginia Beach PD's top detective. Years down the road, we find Press with his live-in girlfriend moving out (his fault), his "baby" sister not speaking to him for the last year (his fault) and he's partnered with a new and very green detective (not his fault). Then there is Jones, his nearly 200 lb. dog--part mastiff/part horse--who has just driven his 4th obedience trainer to drink. Press will have to send more flowers and candy! Then a young woman's murder brings all these areas of his life crashing together and adds a new twist--beautiful, FBI Special Agent Rachel Wilding. Oh, boy! Things are about to change!

stars-4-0._V192240704_.gif Great Read April 6, 2012
So glad I downloaded this short novel. Rather than recap what other reviewers have written about the plot and main characters, just want to say that reading Hard Pressed made me want to read other Press Andrews mysteries. I downloaded three more. Linda Rae Blair is one of my new favorite authors. Love this novella series.

stars-4-0._V192240704_.gif Hard Press'd is a Good Read! February 15, 2012
Hard Press'd is the first in a series of books whose "hero" is Preston (Press) Andrews, wealthy, connected and a homicide cop in Virginia Beach VA. He's called to the murder scene of a young woman who looks familiar. Once he learns her name, he realizes she is a friend of his younger sister. The murder took place late at night in a dark area of town; the only "witnesses" are an older couple who heard the shots but did not see anything. The only clue is a strange bruise on her left shoulder. From the autopsy to notifying her family to a connection to the US Navy, there are several twists and turns. Good book!

stars-5-0._V192240867_.gif great book already downloaded the next one!! February 1, 2012
I love Press! This book has great mystery, intriguing characters and some lol moments! Definitely would recommend! Enjoyed it!I also loved getting to know Trace and can't forget about Jones the dog that's half horse lol