Night Life Book 3 of the Brass Monkey Series

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Humor

By Susan Wells Bennett

Publisher : Inknbeans Press

ABOUT Susan Wells Bennett

Susan Wells Bennett
A third-generation native Arizonan, Susan Wells Bennett was born and raised in Phoenix. As a child, she wrote a letter to then-President Carter that was published in a local daily newspaper. From then on, she wanted to be a writer when she grew up – that, or President. At sixteen, she le More...



Things are changing down at the local watering hole…

Actress-turned-comic-book-muse Sondra is contemplating marriage to a man half her age. Already familiar with the seamy underbelly of Sun City, former cop Sax finds himself back on the job. Milo, lonely and bored, begins bartending at the Brass Monkey. But Claire may be making the biggest change of all…

And when Sondra’s life is threatened, her friends come running to help.