Blue's Treasure

Romance, General Fiction

By Tamyara Brown

Publisher : Pink Kiss Publishing

Blue's Treasure

ABOUT Tamyara Brown

Tamyara Brown
Tamyara admits her journey has not always been easy raising a family of six. She has face obstacles such as being a survivor of Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence and being homeless. Now taking care of a son who suffers from a rare Kidney disease Focal Segmental Glomersclersois and Nephrotic More...



What would you do if the woman you have loved since you where fifteen years disappears out of your life while you are doing a bid? No letters or visits in the ten years of your incarceration. You are finally free and ready to rebuild your life to only find out she married the officer who arrested you? Treasure needs his help? Does Blues help her or turn away? Does he forgive her? Does love conquer all? Coming to Pink Kiss Publishing My debut novel Blue's Treasure