Honey Kisses (Romance on the Ranch Series #2)

Romance, General Fiction

By Verna Clay

Publisher : M.O.I. Publishing (Mirrors of Imagination)

ABOUT Verna Clay

Verna Clay
My perfect day: Laptop; WiFi availability; Java Mocha; characters demanding their stories be told; a plot that comes together; and hours to live in an alternate reality. Afterward, I return home to wash dishes and vacuum. Seriously, I have always loved reading, and now I love writing. As  More...



Romance on the Ranch Series: Dream Kisses; Honey Kisses; Baby Kisses; Candy Kisses; Christmas Kisses; Rock Star Kisses; Forever Kisses

Ann Hackstetter first met Jackson Martinez while vacationing at Lazy M Dude Ranch with her husband and teenage son. Part of the "dude" package was a night of fun at Boot Bustin' Barn. Ann suspects that Sage Tanner, owner of Lazy M, bribed Jackson to dance with her as a way of making her inattentive husband jealous. Little did she realize the dance would awaken emotions long suppressed. Of course, she has no outlet for those emotions. Now, five years later, she's a widow--a destitute widow. Over the years, her son's friendship with Sage's daughter has blossomed, and now they're getting married. Wedding responsibilities have temporarily taken Ann's mind off her desperate situation. At the reception, Jackson asks her to dance--reawakening those emotions. He makes her feel twenty-one, instead of forty-one.

Jackson Martinez has an easy way with the women and never gets too serious. However, to his surprise, he is attracted to timid Annie. She's older than he is, has a grown son, and probably has an aversion to men after being married to a guy who paid more attention to his cell phone than to her. When Sage reveals Annie's sad state of economic affairs, and says she's looking for a job, Jackson offers her a position at his cattle ranch running his household. Of course, he's just trying to help her get back on her feet, or so he almost convinces himself. Little does he know that Annie has a secret.