Mystery & Thrillers

By Maggi Coleman

Publisher : Wild Child Publishing

ABOUT Maggi Coleman

Maggi Coleman
I am a multi-published author with a BA in English and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. I write mysteries and historical romance novels under the pen name: Maggi Andersen.
I live in the countryside outside Sydney, Australia with husband, cat and the ducks in the stream at the bo More...


When Casey Rowan finds her best friend Donald Broughton murdered and his wife Tessa unconscious, she embarks on a search for their attacker. The Devon police aren’t happy, particularly the man in charge of the investigation, DCI Roderick Carlisle.

A woman’s magazine editor, Casey uses her experience to pursue leads. She uncovers a puzzling list of artworks—and discovers she didn’t know the Broughtons as well as she thought. Desire to clear Donald’s name and find his killer drives Casey on, even when a lead takes her into the corrupt London art world. And into danger. Carlisle, caught up in the investigation, cannot protect her. His pleas for her to give up fall on deaf ears. And despite finding him extremely desirable, Casey won’t listen. The murderer must be stopped, and what she needs now is luck.

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense/ Romance
Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Sphinx Minx

Casey Rowan is spending the weekend with her dear friends, Tessa and Donald Broughton. But when she wanders downstairs in the morning, she finds Donald dead and Tessa clinging to life.

She searches for the attacker, without the approval of DCI Roderick Carlisle of the Devon police department. She discovers that her friends may not be the perfect couple she had pictured.

Casey is an intelligent woman, a journalist with ideals. Could the murder be traced to the memoirs Don was writing? Or was the killer an unstable client of psychologist Tessa?

The author touches on the world of big-time art theft and Neo-Naziism in London. And Casey finds that a cop, trying to right his own wrongs, can ignite passion deep within her.

The author gives a clear picture of a chilling winter in the English countryside, and presents believable, complex characters. I still had some questions at the end, but I found the story thought-provoking and satisfying.