The Empyrical Tales Book III: The Secret Queen

Middle Grade, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Mark Miller

Publisher : Comfort Publishing, LLC

ABOUT Mark Miller

Mark Miller
Mark currently resides in Florida with his family. He is an author, following in the footsteps of his namesake, Mark Twain. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Film at the University of Kansas. Some of his favorite movies and books include The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Mark has More...



In this third book of The Empyrical Tales, it is a year after the events of The Lost Queen. Zandria and her younger sister, Olena, seem to be growing apart. But now, Olena has mysteriously disappeared without explanation. To make things worse for Olena, she is having trouble with her magical abilities. With the help of an unusual bronze ring, Olena leaves the crystal Castle Empyrean in disguise. She soon steps into a land of giant crocodiles, unending deserts, ancient pyramids and even mummies! Now Olena must discover the truth about the dinosaur-like race that lives beyond the southern border before they attack Empyrean. All the while, she struggles with faith in her own abilities. Will Olena regain her magic in time? To find out, she has to become The Secret Queen.

The third book in a series I originally started writing for my children. As sisters Zandria and Olena explore the land of Empyrean, they meet many fantastical beings. At the insistence of my youngest son, this story includes dinosaurs!

What is best about this series is that it adds a strong heroine to children's literature. Olena does not sit around waiting for others to rescue her. She actively pursues her own destiny. This is not something we see that often these days in literature.
As will all the books in the series, the lushness of the descriptions, be it of landscapes or characters, paints a wonderful picture for the reader, letting us discover new aspects of Miller's world along with Olena.
The plot is, in my opinion, the best of the three books. The action starts quickly and keeps up throughout the entire book, so we never feel bored. The strange characters, including a turbaned creature who doesn't speak, add mystery and might even send a chill down the reader's back.
This is a wonderful addition to the Empyrean tales, and I can highly recommend it to those of you looking for a little magic in your reading lives.