It's Not My Mountain Anymore

ABOUT Its Not My Mountain Anymore By Barbara Woodall

Its Not My Mountain Anymore by Barbara Woodall
I am a 7th generation Appalachian living in the North Georgia Mountains and a Foxfire Book veteran.   I wrote "It's Not My Mountain Anymore" to share a vanished culture.  It contains no $5.00 words--just plain talk.  Amazon 5 Star



A book full of passion, soul and powerful writings.  The author tells gripping and sometimes humorous accounts of growing up in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains. 
With time comes change. "It's Not My Mountain Anymore" chronicals changes to the landscape as well as Appalachia's inhabitants.
An absolute authentic voice will keep pages turning on a heart-felt journey filled with appreciation, love and loss that will bring laughter and moisten eyes.
Mountain hospitality needs no formal invitation so drag up a chair, cock up your feet and set a'spell with mountain folks.