England's World Cup Adventures Since 1945, A Complete Record by Talented Loser

England's World Cup Adventures Since 1945, A Complete Record by Talented Loser

ABOUT The Author And Historian Ron Gattway

The author and historian Ron Gattway
Eye am an author/historian/publisher/satirist. Eye was born in Fulford Maternity Hospital because there was no room at the inn. Eye am the product of a mixed marriage: my mother was a woman, and my father was a man, so I had a difficult upbringing. Eye am also a racist, as eye am particula More...



This publication contains all the first 151 contests that England soccer team have participated in during their quest to capture the football World Cup between 1945 and 2010. All the vital statistics are contained herein. This is an ideal reference companion that relives the rollercoaster ride of England's national soccer team. HERE FOLLOWS AN EXTRACT:

And finally…..

I and many thousands of people in this country make very well-presented bids which prove unsuccessful each and every day. They are called job applications. The trouble is that the chattering classes in the media know nothing of the failures of real people and their real lives. Instead they choose to highlight and dwell on the shameful nonsense and flim-flam surrounding the so-called injustice of England’s unsuccessful World Cup bid. Now the ‘haves’ of David Beckham, Prince William, and David Cameron will for a fleeting time experience the intense disappointment and frustration of making an unsuccessful application that us ‘have nots’ are only too familiar with. If England had done some thinking outside of the box and launched a shared bid with Scotland, the novelty of Scotland having never hosted the World Cup would have won more votes than any all-singing, all-dancing Hollywood bids. Did it escape anyone’s attention that Britain had been awarded the Olympic Games for 2012? Has no-one ever heard of the expression ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’. Also, the WORLD Cup is a global event, and as such the organisers seek to host the finals in new regions of the planet.

Besides, it was a slight worry for me if David Beckham’s efforts had earned England the World Cup finals. Beckham would have been hailed as the Messiah, had he been successful, when in reality he is just a mere mortal like the rest of us. David Beckham’s quest to bring the World Cup to England was a huge ego trip that smacked of hypocrisy. If David Beckham cares so much for England, why doesn’t he pay income tax from his huge salary into our economy instead of milking dollars as a tax exile. Such hypocrisy from the ‘incomparably great’ David Beckham.

What England needs to do is one of the following. Firstly, the FA ought to consider setting up a new improved breakaway FIFA. There should be no shortage of disgruntled footballing nations who have real concerns and an axe to grind with the discredited FIFA and the anglophobe, Sepp Blatter. Alternatively, England ought to organise their own tournament, regardless of the failed World Cup bid. It could be for example a Tournament of Champions, comprising the eight past World Cup winners. They could be divided into two groups of four, followed by the top two in each group meeting in semi-finals which could be held at Glasgow’s two big grounds, with the final at Wembley. There would be twelve group matches in total with twelve different venues being granted the opportunity to host a match. We could also discard the completely irrelevant third place/fourth place play-off non-contest. An opening ceremony could also take place with fireworks and a parade of the former players who won the World Cup for their respective country. Go ahead England. Show the shambolic FIFA what they’re missing.