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Harish Maiya



Dr. Vijay Mallya is not your typical everyday CEO. He has made it to the Forbes billionaires’ list many number of times but he doesn’t care if he is on the list or not because he doesn’t want to be categorized as a ruthless moneymaker. He not only lives like The King of Good Times but he is working overtime to persuade others to live the high life too. Once upon a time, his critics called him the playboy of the east for his glamorous lifestyle but slowly and steadily Dr. Mallya has earned the respect of his detractors. After the launch of Kingfisher Airlines in 2005, he was chosen as the Indian Businessman of the year. The Indian government honored him with the Outstanding Business Leader Award and ETNow selected Dr. Mallya as one of the three big movers and shakers of the first decade of 21st century corporate India. After his father’s untimely death, Dr. Mallya became the CEO of a hundred million dollar UB Group and grew it into a multi-billion dollar global empire. He is a genius of a businessman who is the ultimate brand ambassador of his company UB Group. He sets himself high goals and works round the clock to achieve them. His out-of-the-box thinking and business strategies have revolutionized the way brand equity could be grown by businesses in the country. He is a supreme human being and so his business rivals and political rivals are usually surprised by Dr. Mallya’s magnanimity. As a politician, Dr. Mallya has been trying really hard to change the Indian political landscape. He is a brand marketing genius but for him, superior customer service always comes first. He goes to extreme lengths to make sure customers are satisfied by his products and services. Dr. Mallya is also a sports fanatic. He owns the Force India Formula One team and has been an instrumental figure in bringing the Formula One Grand Prix championship race to India. He also owns the Indian Premier League cricket team called the Royal Challengers and is very much involved in making a successful championship run for the team. He is also the man who has changed horse racing in India from a gambling den to a classy entertainment venue. For all the critics who downplayed Dr. Mallya’s success and bashed his playboy image, it is not surprising that he is having the last laugh. Dr. Mallya and his future generations are set to carry on the Mallya legacy successfully. Long live the King of Good Times.

The book is about Dr. Vijay Mallya who transformed his father's hundred-million dollar company into a multi-billion dollar global empire.