A Shot In The Arm

Mystery & Thrillers

By Barry Willdorf

Publisher : Whiskey Creek Press

ABOUT Barry Willdorf

Barry Willdorf
I am a graduate of Colby College and Columbia Law School. I am an AV rated trial attorney. My historical novel, The Flight of the Sorceress, (Wild Child Publishing, 2010) won a Global E-Book Award for best historical literature and was a finalist for a 2012 EPIC Historical Fiction award. More...



It's 1973. San Francisco lawyer Nate Lewis agrees to defend a Black militant charged with killing a drug addict and learns that his cash retainer was stolen from undercover agents planning on selling drugs to buy guns for anti-communist guerrillas. Soon, he is the last man standing as the agents seek to recover the money. Only his girlfriend Christina Lima can save him. But will she? She's caught him cheating on her.

The story was inspired by an actual trial I did in Marin County in the late 1970s.

In A Shot in the Arm, Barry Willdorf once more writes up a storm.  Just as in the previous installment, Burning Questions, attorney Nate Lewis bumbles his way into a dark murder plot, but it's the reader who gets hooked.  Willdorf’s re-creation of period is right on the money, and his characters rock. His trilogy is a brilliant creation!  I wasn't able to put the book down.Mark Rudd, author of Underground: My life in SDS and the Weathermen


A fast-moving novel. Plenty of twists and turns. The legal details are sharp; the drinking and drugging and low life neighborhoods are Day-Glo vivid.  I was glad to know there’s at least one more novel out there about Nate Lewis and his world. Meredith Sue Willis, author of Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel and Out of the Mountains 


The latest in Barry Willdorf's noir-ish series is a detective story with a sense of geography, a sense of morality, and a sense of humor. Set in San Francisco in the 1970s and written by a lawyer with street cred who lived through those turbulent times, A Shot in the Arm is also a blast to read. Just add java. Frances Lefkowitz, author of To Have Not.


Barry Willdorf knows the lawyer's brain and feels the City's heart, producing a non-stop thrill-ride through San Francisco in the early 70s as a "people's lawyer" and his waitress girlfriend try to escape a web of smack, shady rehab, covert operations and murder. Gripping. Exciting. Add "A Shot in the Arm" to the classic tales of the City by the Bay. Hilton Obenzinger, author of Cannibal Eliot and the Lost Histories of San Francisco and Busy Dying.