American Prodigy

ABOUT Tyana Rainey Jones

Tyana Rainey Jones
I am bringing back awesome with a dynamic writing style and as many entertaining and bizarre tales as I can possibly write. So far I have managed to write several books and will be publishing them as I finish the editing process for them. I hope that readers enjoy my work as much as I enjo More...



In the beginning of our lives we are nothing if not purely ourselves. We aspire to greater dreams and ambitions because this is what experience makes of us. But what happens when experience is not enough to inspire? What if we simply attempt to subsist on the generic dreams of others?
    Trip Dawson has never had a dream of her own. While waiting for inspiration to take control of her young life she kills a man who would see her and her friends dead. She is forced to flee her life of privilege and go on the run. While out in the world Trip manages to make a pact with the devil in in effort to live out that most obnoxious of ambitions. But can you truly live the dream when the dream is not your own? Will it still be a dream? Follow Trip and find out as she becomes an American Prodigy.

I was inspired by a man who once told me what it was to know that he was destroying himself, but had no desire to stop.

Highly entertaining, funny and thought provoking. Loved it from beginning to end.
Got this book because the cover looked fun and it was well worth it.
The author has an usual fresh writing style.
Will check out her other work too.