Jurassic Jack (Book 1) Search For a Scary Thing

Children's Books, Humor

By Philip Gilliver

Publisher : Philip Gilliver

ABOUT Philip Gilliver

Philip Gilliver
I studied Literature with Media at the North East Wales Institute (now Glyndwr University) in Wrexham in North Wales where I live and they gave me a lovely degree in 2000. I am married to a mental health nurse and have a son with autistic spectrum dissorder. I work at Coleg Lal (Yale Colle More...


Think you know all there is to know about dinosaurs? Think again!

Like all dinosaurs Jurassic Jack loves cheese, plays a magical electric guitar in a band and lives in a big house in the Brazillian jungle. In this first tale our hero stows away on frieghter transporting bananas and footballers to other countries bound for England. But there is a horrible surprise waiting for him there in the shape of grizzly old Moronimous Grump who wants to kidnap him and get him to perform on his new reality TV show. However Jack gets the wrong idea about what kind of performing he wants him to do. Can his manager get him out of this one? Mad Jurassic comedy for 810 years.

The original idea came through a short story I wrote for my son when he was 8. Robin has autism and I thought as he was mad about dinosaurs and I loved my rock music that I would combine the two and see what happened. The book contains the same mad humour that we both share today.

I read the first half dozen chapter and then realised I'm not 8-10. I love the inventiveness. Some of the one liners were genuinely funny and your irreverent use of characters is inspirational. But like I say, I'm not 8-10. Best of luck. Authonomy author.