The Seal of Approval Joke Book

Children's Books, Humor

By Lee Pritchett

Publisher : chipmunkapublishing

The Seal of Approval Joke Book

ABOUT Lee Pritchett

Lee Pritchett
I'm an author of magical tales for children. Dragon riding, fairy magic, talking animals, fun and adventures included. I also write magical children's rhyming stories which are also included in my three story collections.All of my books are published by chipmunkapublishing.


‘The Seal of Approval Joke Book’ is a hilarious collection of jokes for children to share with all their family and friends.
The jokes are easy to remember and simple to read.

Why did the bread grow a shell?
It was going snail

What do you call mixing cheeses together?


Your children will love the clever wordplay and the wonderfully funny illustrations.
"One of the best ways to get kids to read is to have them read aloud to you. A joke book, with clean and fun jokes, is a great way to engage them in interactive behavior with you.
The jokes in this book are punny and cute. Some of them I have never heard before. It's good to see a kids joke book with new ideas and jokes for kids that are sure to make them laugh.
While riding in the car a child is sure to have fun asking the questions and giggling as they wait for you to answer. (They are hoping you don't know the answer so they will be surprised.)
I would have liked to see all of the illustrations in color. I also would have liked to see page numbers.
This book is available as an eBook on Amazon:"  (Aghoo Review blog )