Offseer:Enter the World of Centers

Offseer:Enter the World of Centers

ABOUT Nia Celestin

Nia Celestin
Hi, my name is Mary Celestin. I live in San Jose, California and I am a thirteen year old eighth grader. I have lived all over the U.S.A. and love to travel.  I also love to read, write, dance, play basketball, experiment, play my viola and piano, hang out with friends, and listen to m More...



Offseer is not your average boarding school. Dexerphil Mordisphere is not your average girl either. And there are far from average problems facing the world in 1969. Dex starts her new life at this new school expecting it to be like every other school she's been too, but when strange things start to occur she learns that she has entered a whole new world. She has the adventure of a life-time discovering she is a Centeran, saving-the world, kicking -butt, solving mysterious disappearances, making new friends, and finding a totally unexpected crush. So come on, and join the World of Centers.