New Life book 4 in the Brass Monkey series

General Fiction, Humor, Romance

By Susan Wells Bennett

Publisher : Inknbeans Press

ABOUT Susan Wells Bennett

Susan Wells Bennett
A third-generation native Arizonan, Susan Wells Bennett was born and raised in Phoenix. As a child, she wrote a letter to then-President Carter that was published in a local daily newspaper. From then on, she wanted to be a writer when she grew up – that, or President. At sixteen, she le More...


Forty-five and pregnant, Claire is playing a high stakes game of hide and seek with her baby's father. Milo, distracted by his new business venture, has a blind spot when it comes to figuring out why Claire is avoiding him.

Meanwhile, his partner Sax is relishing his new profession, even as it drags him into the disturbing world of the Goth scene. And Sondra is attempting to calculate her way out of a marriage to a much younger man and into a generous cash settlement.

What they all wish for, in one way or another, is a NEW LIFE - and this may be their last chance to start over.

Book 4 of the Brass Monkey series