eBook - Daughter of the Force

eBook - Daughter of the Force

ABOUT Melissa Marmino

Melissa Marmino
I'm 30 years old. And I like to type down stories. I like poetry as well, and have a book of poems. Most of my novels are romance themed. They all have a love story to tell. I've written some alternate novels. And some are straight from my imagination. I like to write fantasy themed storie More...



This is a Star Wars alternative story, where Anakin Skywalker never met Amadala. And still becomes a Sith Lord, though not burned up, he still wears his fearsome suit, and causes havoc across the known Universe.
Lissa Firestin is a strange young girl with violet-blue eyes. She was born by immaculate conception, while her mother was a young nun. Called a daughter of the Force.
Lissa is adopted at a young age, by the Wrendune Governor and his wife. She is given the surname of Torvooi as a result.
Skilled in many unique abilities, she educates herself at a nearby college. A visit by the Dark Lord Vader, causes issues, as Lissa is unique like him.
She eventually ventures to the Holy Light Temple, and learns more about herself.
She is later summoned by the Dark Lord Vader himself, at her adopted parents’ home. She does not want to leave the Holy Light Temple, and her training, so she fails to comply with the summons.
Vader himself comes and retrieves Lissa, she is taken back to the Governors’ palace. He has intentions to take her back to Coruscant, where he lives.
A confrontation with the evil Sith Emperor, turns Anakin back to his former good self, as he refuses to kill his love, Lissa. He kills his master in a light saber battle. And finds himself forced to restore peace and order back to the Universe.
He helps restore the Jedi Order, with the help of the few Masters who survived the takeover.
He marries Lissa, after some time. They have two blessed children, and live out their lives happily on Coruscant.

Explicit language and sex scenes.