eBook - Tale of the Undying

General Fiction, Horror, Romance

By Melissa Marmino

Publisher : Melissa Marmino

eBook - Tale of the Undying

ABOUT Melissa Marmino

Melissa Marmino
I'm 30 years old. And I like to type down stories. I like poetry as well, and have a book of poems. Most of my novels are romance themed. They all have a love story to tell. I've written some alternate novels. And some are straight from my imagination. I like to write fantasy themed storie More...



A vampire named Tristan Lagorne from America turns two young siblings into vampires in 1939 Italy. The young man is named Marcolo Aglacia. And his comatose sister is called Marissa. Unable to leave his sister behind Marc gets Tristan to turn his little sister as well. The result is near devastating as the young girl who was in a coma, wakens, but is not quite herself. Nearly lifeless poor Marissa is lost in the spirit world. Unable to accept this Tristan takes the girl to his Native American friend and mentor Hanas. Deep in the South American jungles, lies a vampire stronghold called Legardia. This is where the 3 young vampires go, to leave Marissa behind with the Natives Hanas, and his daughter Ashei. Using Native magic, over the years they are able to restore young Marissa back to normal. Freeing her lost soul. Times change and Legardia is soon discovered by man. Tristan and Marc come back just in time to rescue Marissa and bring her back to the United States. Tristan and Marissa fall in love.