Hidden Mountain

ABOUT Sammy Sutton

Sammy Sutton
Reviewer and Voting Member of The National Book Critics Circle;  Author: Darkening Danger, King Solomon's Journey, and Hidden Mountain. My professional background is in the social sciences. I read, and enjoy the study of world religions, ancient cultures, and social structures. I take p More...



The dynamic pairing of the humorous, studious Anthropologist, Antonio Dominguez and his lovely, flame-haired partner, the mysterious and spiritual Amanda Messenger, must combine their multitude of talents to outsmart the malignant conspiracy working against them. Follow them as they encounter corruption and danger in Miami, then through the Midwest where they face a bitter loss, and back to New Mexico where they encounter the enemy in a head-on battle.

Their steamy relationship grows and they continue a journey interlaced with secrets, mystery and suspense, a journey that was foretold by King Solomon himself, and one that holds the key to stopping the cosmic annihilation of the human race.
Sammy Sutton has another masterpiece in her sequel to King Solomon's Journey. The second book in the Dominguez Adventures, Hidden Mountain, is packed with enough adventure, history, factual, and mythical elements to delight any reader.

So deeply does she take us into the hearts and minds of her characters Antonio Dominguez and Amanda Messenger that you feel like they are dearly loved family and you want to protect and help them. The mixture of the legend of King Solomon, with the political events that we see happening in our world today, brings mysticism and reality together in a spell binding tale.

By sending a special envoy that will briefly inhabit a specific location on the other side of the world, in what would one day become America. King Solomon sets the stage for the tribes of Israel to unite in all the holy centers of the earth, thereby giving them a chance to save the world.

Antonio and Amanda take us on a breathtaking adventure through the political landscape of today, and the divine world of legend. It is so well researched and written, by Sammy Sutton, it totally captures you. Making it all of it not only possible, but probable by the time you are finished.

I held my breath waiting for this book after reading the first in the series, King Solomon's Journey. Hidden Mountain, like its predecessor, left me once again biting at the bit for the next book in the series.

Highly Recommended for all those who love, miracles, history, adventure, legend, and love stories.