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Brian Nord
Author,former Executive Recruiter and business writer with over 20 years experience as writer, employment and diversity specialist.


Memoir and expose by a Corporate Recruiter reveals the ugly truth about the  hiring process in corporate America.  In this true account of life as a recruiting executive you learn about the secret codes, double standards, secret agenda's that make up what is aptly described as an inherently corrupt and discriminatory process designed to limit the number of woman, minorities and all candidates over 50.  While most recruiters go along out of fear of retaliation, Executive Recruiter Brian Nord worked the system behind the scenes to help job applicants beat the secret codes and processes that unfairly eliminate them. Job Wars – is his story, but it’s also about you, your right to work, and your right to know.

wrote job wars because - after twenty-two years in corporate recruiting, and being privy to secret codes and the increasing number of other strategies utilized by hiring managers and companies, I can tell you the employment picture is much worse than what is occasionally revealed in the media. The recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process is inherently corrupt and discriminatory. Books, websites, and blogs offering job-search advice and strategy are limitless. Some of those offerings make claims of job-winning resumes and foolproof answers to interview questions. Others offer specific guides and rules for salespeople, engineers, college grads, executives, middle managers--you name it. They all seem to promise to reveal secrets and inventive strategies that ensure an applicant stands out. However, few, if any, are anything more than the standard job-search guide providing corporate-friendly, generic advice. Whether the information offered actually works for the masses is open for debate. Job Wars--Confessions of a Corporate Recruiter is not one of those guides. Although the book does contain some advice for job seekers and employees, it is not for the faint of heart, those bent on following the rules, or those who fear breaking them. This book is more of a warning. What you'll find is an unvarnished, often ugly truth about the recruiting and hiring process, which, I guarantee, will be roundly condemned by corporate America because revelation of truth is what it fears the most. Job Wars is about my life in recruiting. My goal is to help people get their next job based solely on their qualifications. That means understanding the forces that are against you. Whether you are currently employed or looking for work, everyone needs to understand that the rules are not the rules. The real rules, the rule hiring managers and companies use, is anything goes. You will find that Brian’s experience as a corporate recruiting executive will powerfully change how you think, make you adaptable, unleash your creativity and maximize all of your personal assets, allowing you to beat the competition as well as a system that is designed to weed you out. Once you read Job Wars you’ll understand that the old adage “what you don’t know won’t hurt”, isn’t true when it comes to the employment market.

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This review is from: Job Wars: Confessions of A Corporate Recruiter (Paperback)
Eye opening and somewhat disturbing look into the way companies operate. It was also refreshing in that author provides some deep understanding of decisions recruiters and others have to make in order to get along in a corporate environment. For many, that means going along and doing whatever they are told. Keeping their mouths shut when they are told to discriminate. The author described it as ugly. I'd say he was under stating it. It makes me mad enough to want to poke someone in the eye. Overall I thought the book was informative and invaluable. A hell of a voice that keeps the reader turning pages.