ABOUT Melissa Mayberry

Melissa Mayberry
Working wife and mother of four kids, three cats, and dog and a chinchilla. I wrote my first book, Mellifica, when a strange relationship took a final and ironic twist. The second book, now in production, leads to a sad and chilling ending.



At sixteen years old, Melissa has already found her Prince Charming. Sandy, the school’s most popular boy, graces her with a dream-like romance. However, a bold and dominating stranger named Arien quickly enters the picture and steals the girl’s heart while at summer camp.

What seems like a promising new relationship eventually becomes a downward spiral into heartbreak, leading Melissa down a path to depression, anorexia, and revenge. As the stakes are raised, it seems like the girl’s life may never be quite the same again—even her future plans collapse when an older woman threatens to come between her and her boyfriend.

Trapped by her own impulsive affections and misplaced trust, Melissa struggles to find happiness in love without losing herself, her friends, or her sense of freedom.

In this coming-of-age story, Mayberry’s well-meaning yet tragically flawed characters trace the thin line between young love and obsession.