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By Amber Lea Easton

Publisher : Siren-Bookstrand

ABOUT Amber Lea Easton

Amber Lea Easton
I'm a published romantic suspense author.  Kiss Me Slowly, Riptide and Reckless Endangerment are currently available in all ebook formats and paperback from, Amazon, AmazonUK, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble.  Aside from being a romantic suspense author, I'm also a freelan More...



One violent night shatters Lauren Biltmore’s life. As an anchorwoman, she’s accustomed to reporting the news rather than being the lead story.  She escapes the spotlight by fleeing to her brother’s home in the Cayman Islands. Haunted by nightmares, all she wants is a distraction from reality. 

Distraction arrives via sexy screenwriter, Noah Reynolds. His take-me-to-bed looks mask a past ripe with scandal. He knows he should stay away from Lauren, especially when the worst night of her life unlocks his writer’s block and while he’s dealing with a stalker of his own, but ethics are his weakness. 
Attraction sizzles beneath Caribbean sunshine. As their relationship grows, Noah’s stalker intensifies her torment. Lauren wonders if her paranoia is justified or a carryover from her past. What’s real? What’s imagined?  Tentative trust is tested as their love is swept up against a riptide of deceit, murder, and revenge.

Back in my 20's, I had an encounter with a stalker that turned violent. Although my personal story is nothing like what happens in Riptide, it did motivate the emotion and character development. Starting your life over after any kind of catastrophic event is challenging and often daunting. That is what my characters face as they navigate the rough waters of Riptide.

4.5 star review of Riptide from Reading Diva (


Review:  Riptide is a well written modern story that has everything a good Contemporary Romance & Suspense is supposed to have. It has a great plot, one that will make you speculate and will definitely challenge the reader to draw conclusions.  The characters felt as if you were witnessing a conversation between close friends. I enjoyed how well the story flowed and how well the characters were developed.

Both Noah & Lauren have gone through terrible times in their life and all they want is to scape from reality and find peace in the Cayman Islands. But the island is far from being paradise. These two characters have gone through rough situations, I really like how well researched and thought out this story was, great details of scenery, awesome job describing the characters’ moods, feelings and desires.

Their differences and the circumstances in life made them more credible and real. The story feels credible because it feels as if it was brought out of the newspaper. Crime, betrayal, romance and trust are just some of the things you will experience when reading Riptide. There is a bit of everything and that makes the story much more entertaining. Expect a few surprises, great characters, romance and true love.