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Pete Koziar
I'm an author who specializes in science fiction stories from a Christian world view. They look at the intersection of science and spirituality with fresh insights. My "day job" is as Director of Engineering at a high-tech firm, and I'm also the pastor/rabbi/whatever of a Messia More...


Sometimes, the most alien place you can go is back home again.

Set hundreds of years in the future, this novel tells the story of the crew of The Dauntless, one of mankind's first interstellar ships, as they return to Earth. It took them hundreds of years, Earth time, to make their voyage. When they return, they initially believe their adventuring to be over, but it is only then that their real journey begins.

Their world had changed in unexpected ways. It is ruled by a supreme ruler, the king, accompanied by powerful creatures known as the Purnarkat. The crew faces several crisis points where they must decide whom to follow, and even whom to believe. They find themselves caught between the followers of the Purnarkat and an ancient creature, who has his own plans for the crew and their ship.

Although the novel is set in a very high-tech future world, it is the spiritual realm where the most important battles take place. Christian assumptions underlie the story, but it refrains from being preachy or overbearing.

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