Mystery & Thrillers

By Carter Wilson

Publisher : Vantage Point

ABOUT Carter Wilson

Carter Wilson
Thriller-writer Carter Wilson is the author of  FINAL CROSSING (Vantage Point, June 2012.)  He  lives in Colorado with his two children.



FINAL CROSSING (June 2012, Vantage Point) is the story of a senatorial chief of staff who teams up with a beautiful psychic criminologist to hunt down a serial killer who thinks God has commissioned him to start the Final Judgment. 

“The mixture of art and science, and unexplained abilities being used to hunt criminals is engaging. I like the idea that someone can sense a connection between an object and a crime, but cannot explain it,” Wilson states.

“5 stars, for leaving me pleasantly surprised, and also for freaking me out.” -  The Towering Pile Blog


Final Crossing is a disturbing psychological thriller that will keep you turning the page and at times send chills down your spine.” – Literary Exploration


“I loved this book! “Final Crossing” has everything a reader of thrillers could ask: a skewed, psychologically bizarre serial killer who sees clues that no one else ever could; violent death; mysteries unbound; the horrors of war, still present even though far in the past; a Capitol Hill Chief of Staff who still has the skills of his special forces training; and the perverted childhood tortures that combined to make that serial killer the juggernaut he is today. A fascinating mystery/thriller/psychological study, “Final Crossing” is a compelling novel not to be missed except by the very faintest of hearts.” – Mallory Heart Reviews


"Edgy. Fascinating. Irreverent... This is a debut to pay attention to and a writer to watch. FINAL CROSSING is a terrific, terrifying thriller that grabs you, disturbs you and doesn't let go." -International Bestselling author M.J. Rose