Do You Have a MERS Mortgage?

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Richie Collins
Hi my name is Richie Collins and I am a native New Orleanian, in 2004 we purchased a $250000 home that Hurricane Katrina wrecked. In 2007 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, a company we had never heard of, nor did any business with began foreclosing on our home. We fought them and won More...



Do you have a MERS Mortgage?

Is MERS in your mortgage? If MERS is IN your mortgage then your mortgage is free and clear and foreclosure proof! The average American Homeowner doesn’t know about the new mortgage securitization industry and how it has split the mortgage from the note and converted these promissory notes into "Bonds". Is your home one of them?

Learn the 7 Steps to Find Out if MERS is IN your Mortgage!