The Innkeeper's Husband: Undercover with an Unconventional Innkeeper

ABOUT Shawn Kerivan

Shawn Kerivan
Shawn Kerivan is a writer, teacher, and innkeeper in Northern Vermont.  He teaches English and creative writing at Community College of Vermont.  His first book, the short story collection Name the Boy, was published in 2007.  His most recent book is a memoir of innkeeping called The In More...



Everybody wants to be an innkeeper.  Everybody wants to live in an idyllic and beautiful location and make pancakes and stuffed French toast for exotic guests who have interesting experiences to share.  Everybody loves the fantasy of innkeeping.  But the reality couldn’t be further from that dream.  In The Innkeeper’s Husband, long-time innkeeper and writer Shawn Kerivan takes us on an unexpected ride filled with obnoxious guests, faulty plumbing, and financial uncertainty.  The Innkeeper’s Husband is a funny and heartbreaking behind the scenes look at the intersection of dreams and reality.
    The Innkeeper’s Husband chronicles the journey of a young couple who set out to marry their love of skiing with a low-stress way of life.  Their solution?  Buying an old inn and fixing it up.  Shawn and his wife, Chantal, soon discovered that in the spectrum of small businesses, innkeeping ranks as one of the most challenging to survive.  They soon find themselves dealing with everything from the brink of financial ruin to peeling paint—and that’s before a state inspector discovers that their 170-year old building isn’t “up to code.”
    After reading The Innkeeper’s Husband, you’ll never think about traveling the way you used to.