What Lies Under The Weeping Willow

Romance, General Fiction

By Abbey K Davies

Publisher : Abbey K Davies

ABOUT Abbey K Davies

Abbey K Davies
Abbey K Davies is married to an amazing man. She has two beautiful children. She lives in a small town in New Hampshire. She owns a family business and is a Life Coach as well. This is her first book in this genre. She has always dreamt about writing fiction, but never had the courage to  More...


Brooke Walsh, an innocent, sweet and giving girl from a small New England town did not have things easy when it came to the opposite sex. Even though she was pretty and popular, she seemed to lose in the end. After losing her virginity her life went on a path that nobody ever could have predicted.

Jonathon came into her life like a lightning bolt. The passion and intimacy they shared could not compare to another. He was the desire of all the girls on campus.  Jonathon had secrets that would change Brooke’s life forever.

In this college atmosphere, things were not as they seemed.  It was not about academics, it was about lust, obsession, lies, deception, and Brooke trying to stay alive.  Steph, a one-night stand of Jonathon’s will not stop until she gets what she wants. Suddenly, Brooke learned of the many secrets that they had been keeping.

Will Brooke lose her lover….or her life?  Will she move on or seek retaliation?   

Abbey K Davis, new to this genre, breaks all the rules; she will have you feeling every emotion. What Lies Under The Weeping Willow will have you reading from sunup to sundown. Don’t Miss This One!

This story was inspired by my own experiences in college. The craziness of a college campus, the sex, lust, pain, abuse that followed. This book shows the reader love, lust, deception, suspense and more.

This is no 50 Shades of Grey, this book has a a story that captivated me. I could not stop turning the pages. In a college setting, Brooke Walsh finds the man of her dreams, but was he really? This story depicts real life, it is shocking, sensual, the sex scenes were arousing, real and left me wanting more. The author was very clever in her writing, she brought in, suspense, along with every emotion. This is a must read, looking forward to the next book.