The Ghost Chaser's Daughter

Horror, Mystery & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Emily Hill

Publisher : A.V. Harrison Publishing

ABOUT Emily Hill

Emily Hill
Emily Hill, author of GHOST Stories and owner of A.V. Harrison Publishing, is an IndiePub Coach who teaches privately, as well as at leading literary conferences, such as Edmonds Community College BizArt, and City of Edmonds WOTS Conference.  She is the author of the self-publishing serie More...



The Ghost Chaser's Daughter, an anthology of ghost stories by Emily Hill.  
This anthology features stories written in the style of Alfred Hitchcock, Patricia Highsmith, and other authors of the horror and suspense genre. Ms. Hill's books receives SPIRITED 5-Stars ***** from her fans.

What Dark Forces prowl, just Beyond The Grave, 
Ever vigilant for an opportunity to return to the Land of The Living?
Ghosts, and Beasts, and The Forever-Damned 
Roam this terrain, according to The Ghost Chaser's Daughter.

Coyotes bay at a blood red moon. . . 
Doors slam shut, and then. . .  slowly creak open. . . 
Footsteps follow The Reader into The Night as 
The Ghost Chaser's Daughter, Emily Hill, 
Takes you into her Other World in this Full Collection of 
Profoundly Haunting tales.

Included in this Collection of Emily Hill Ghost Stories are: 

Checkmate! How feverishly brutal can one marriage become? Charles and Clare, an elderly Seattle couple, provide us with the answer to this riddle in Checkmate! Charles, with his failing eyesight and frustrating deafness parses with Clare, his beauty-queen wife of past, as she plots her escape from the richly appointed manor which has become her prison. Checkmate! When is a marriage worth more than a thirty-six dollar check, but less than a successful chess move?

Lightning Strikes. Poor Dennis Sheridan, Florida-native. Considering what he has been through he does not need a suspicious officer of the law on his doorstep asking about his wife of twenty-four years; particularly as he brushes the dirt from her grave off of his hands

Grove of Terror. Civil War Union Officer Speck is on a mission to save the slaves along the Carolina Ghost Coast - an admirable mission. That is, he's on an admirable mission until he learns that buried treasure lies within yards of where a battle is to take place the next morning between the Confederate line and General Gilmore's 62nd Ohio regiment.  

To Kill Ivan Gorsky. Written as a salute to the Hungarian revolution attempt of October 1956.Who is Ivan Gorsky and why would even angels want him dead? Tour the Budapest Opera House and spend the night in the company of this Russian intelligence agent as he faces performance hall angels, and his own devils. You'll soon see why the mission was always, "To Kill Ivan Gorsky".

Chunya, And The Hungarian Witch.  "Oh! She's so ugly!" And, at this exclamation from neighbors, the new mother beamed at her newborn daughter. Learn why - from the beginning of all folklore and legends - little girls from the village of ́Opusztaszer are so. . . "Chunya!" This folklore tale, delivered straight from Transylvania, features the vanity of a forest witch and the revenge of a Hungarian sorcerer.  

What is it that separates The Living from The Dead? Very little, according to these haunting accounts taken from personal experience, newspaper stories, and the pages of history. 

This collection of ghost stories is inspired by the eerie and haunting experiences that my mother brought into our realm - as a Ghost Chaser. I am 'The Ghost Chaser's Daughter'.

5-Stars! ~ J. G. Williams ~   Stories with a chill!  Some of the stories left me thinking, what if ... that actually happened to me. These stories are perfect for those who like a good Ghost Story, creepiness in the ether form. . .
5-Stars! ~  G. Speer ~  I couldn't put the book down, and now I have to wait till my husband is done reading it, so I can get my hands on it again. A great collection of stories, perfect for those chilly fall evenings! 
5-Stars! ~  Chris ~ I loved how Emily brought you into her book... I am looking forward to reading her other books...!