Time Will Tell

General Fiction

By Trevy McDonald

Publisher : Reyomi

ABOUT Trevy McDonald

Trevy McDonald
Trevy McDonald's greatest passion and life’s purpose is to use her God-given gifts and talents to uplift, inspire, and empower people in an entertaining and informative way, which brings them joy. She pursues her passion and life purpose through her successful Journalism career



What has time told you about the power of friendship in your life?

Friendships are like bridges. Bridges connect, serve as forms of contact and transition between objects and people. In many ways Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope are like bridges. Thomasine Mintor, more affectionately known as Sina, is an anthropologist and feminist scholar at the prestigious Steeplechase University in the Research Triangle Park. Rachel Curtis Brown is a single mother of two and a special education teacher in Nashville who loves to country-line dance. Hope Jones-McCoy is an accountant turned healthcare administrator in Kalamazoo who is entirely devoted to her high school sweetheart Jason.

Sina left her North Carolina home for Chicago and her ten year reunion where she would see close friends Rachel and Hope. She spent the first half of her ten-year journey into everything and everybody but herself. After she reached her threshold of tragic experiences, a spiritual awakening led her to make a change in her life. Rachel, loyal and trusting was the bridge that held them together. Hope Jones-McCoy went through life masquerading self-righteousness for saintliness until the world she spent ten years building came crashing down around her.

A bridge that spans ten years and counting. Hope, on the surface, like the girder. Sina, after her awakening, like the banister that keeps you from going over the edge. Rachel--the arch who brings the two together. A bridge that's sometimes as shaky as the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, sometimes as unexpected as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and sometimes as strong and beautiful as an old Roman arch bridge. Will their friendship endure? Time Will Tell.

I was armed with a Ph.D. at age 25 and unemployed so I asked myself an important question, "What can I do right now to make myself more marketable?" That's when 3 book projects were born, one of them being Time Will Tell. Thanks to a book my Dad loaned me and my first Southern snow storm I was in for a week and I created the characters Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope. Enjoy the journey with them as they come of age and learn what time tells them about the power of friendship!

...a timeless novel that will entertain readers for years to come...a for sure must have in your library. -- Yolanda Joe, Author of My Fine Lady