Sixth Grade Technology

Education & Textbooks, Computers & Internet

By Kali Delamagente

Publisher : Structured Learning

ABOUT Kali Delamagente

Kali Delamagente
We are a publisher of computer workbooks for K-8, and how-to workbooks for college-bound high schoolers.



A year's-worth of age-appropriate computer lessons--32 multimedia projects--in MS Word, Publisher, Excel, (PowerPoint finishes up in fourth grade) Photoshop, Google Earth, keyboarding, computer parts, vocabulary, and solving the most common problems faced on the computer. The unique combination of projects and skills, introduced according to a proven timetable, morph a student from computer novice to enthusiast. No other technology learning system has been tested in more circumstances, with more teacher experience levels, from home schooling to running a computer lab. You'll find step-by-step lesson plans and a year's worth of homework, enhanced with the most popular internet edutainment sites, examples of completed work, vocabulary builders and collaborations with classroom curriculum that meet and exceed ISTE, NCLB and most state elementary school technology standards--all done by providing a sense of wonder along the way and achievement at the end. This is part of the seven-volume technology training series for kindergarten through sixth grade. During these years, students learn tens of hundreds of computer skills while exploring math, science, literature, grammar, spelling, problem-solving, critical thinking. See the publisher's website at for free downloads and more details. 

When I went back to teaching, I could find no workbooks for teaching technology to K-5. There were how-tos, but not geared for students of that age group. So I decided to write them. I geared the books for parents with nominal computer skills, homeschoolers and lab specialists. It outlines the method I use in my classes that gets kids from the most basics of computer skills in kindergarten to Photoshop by fifth grade. I’m not surprised that the method works, and is now being used in school districts all over the country.

Although a veteran teacher, I just began teaching computer tech. last year. This series gave me a template in guiding me toward what students should know and at what appropriate age they should know it. I have successfully used many of the lessons, tweaked some of them to fit my particular needs, and also used them to reassess some of the lessons I had been provided or created myself. It has been an invaluable tool and provided greater confidence in knowing that I am on the right track in what I am doing! In my particular situation, students come to me from a different teacher or different school the previous year, so there is not necessarily a smooth flow in skills, however this series has helped me to teach the students (and a few adults along the way) many of the basics and has helped them become more independent in their use of technology.