Monet Love, An Erotic Love Story

Romance, General Fiction

By Blue Knight

Publisher : Blue Knight

ABOUT Blue Knight

Blue Knight
Blue Knight, author of Monet Love, An Erotic Love Story and Chocolate Comes to Harlem, is an editorial consultant. She indulges her love of fiction by spinning yarns about strong female characters, the men who vex them, and the complicated situations that give them hell but make life worth More...



Monet Love, a hardworking nurse, has everything in her life but the man of her dreams. Sparks fly as an unexpected, passionate encounter makes it so that Monet goes from having no man in her life to having to choose between two disarmingly handsome and skilled lovers. This sizzling, erotic romance takes place in Washington, D.C. and the Virgin Islands. Monet Love contains sexually explicit scenes between consenting adults and is intended for mature audiences only.

Monet Love is a story for women. Sure, men can and should read it to gain insight about how we women think, but I created Monet to shine a light a less common situation; where it's the woman, and not the man, who is torn between two lovers. And both men are good, fairly decent guys, which makes the dilemma much less cut and dry, much more intense and ultimately very interesting to watch unfold. I give the reader basic physical description, like she's a fleshy woman or he's got a nice build, but I leave my characters sketchy on purpose, because I really want readers to dive into this sexy, sultry world and fill in the blanks. Ideally, Monet Love readers should be picturing the sexiest people they can think of when they're reading it. Are the characters in Monet Love racially ambiguous? The story's universal, anyone can relate. The main character, Monet, is a black woman, independent and confident as she is, she's stuck in a love triangle with two men. Her family are also black folks, love interest number one, Dwanye, is a Caribbean blend of cultures and love interest number two, Miguel, a man who exerts an incredible amount of influence over Monet is Latino. So, as John Leguizamo once quipped, this story's got it covered in terms of ethnicities. It also takes place in Washington D. C. and St. Thomas. Both the locations are very diverse, and romantic relationships among the various cultures are not uncommon. Monet Love fits into several genres. One is the urban genre, which is basically books by new black authors, many of whom are indie, writing about very "now" subjects like hip hop, crime stories, and there's a lot of erotica in that genre as well. This story also falls under romance, general erotica and short fiction. There's a good bit of steamy sex in the story. The genre demands it. You may see a little smoke and sparks flying out of your eReader or smartphone (smile/wink).

"...a new name to watch in African American fiction. Knight's descriptive writing keeps the reader engaged from start to finish...and leaves you wanting more." --Black Beauty Express