Thorns with Roses

Thorns with Roses

ABOUT Lara Daniels

lara daniels
Lara Daniels is a Registered Nurse by day and an avid African romance-suspense writer at nights. Her first full length novel, Love in Paradise was published in 2009. It was quickly followed by a sequel titled Love at Dawn, both of which recieved and continues to recieve rave reviews. La More...



Described as an enigmatic, ’whirlwind read, but in a good way’ by readers, Thorns with Roses was originally posted online in series at Radical Chic magazine. It’s the story of Temi, a businessman who is finally in a good place in life. He is the owner of a mega sucessful trading company, and he also has a fulfilling relationship with the woman he plans to marry. But nothing prepares him for the unexpected news that will just about shake his world.