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ABOUT CKay Brooks

CKay Brooks
Mostly General Fiction novelist with suspense and real life problems thrown in for good measure. Day job involves driving a tour-bus along the Pacific Northwest, and no, no one 'helps' me with my tire chains in the snow. 



Late one night in Reno, Nevada, Kayla flipped TV channels looking for something to watch. She assumes she’s stumbled upon a late night broadcast from a university film class, but decides the program deserves a bad taste award and dismisses it from her mind. Later confusion sets in when the star’s photo in featured in a missing person notice.

Police dismiss Kayla as a ‘nut case' until the body is found. Detective Cooper checks out her story and suspects a serial killer is in her neighborhood, but there is something about Kayla throwing him off balance. His cop-radar is puzzled by her nervous behavior and his own reaction to her. Is she in danger or does she consider the killer a friend?

Detective Cooper’s presence is unsettling to Kayla, so why does she keep agreeing to see him? Is it for protection or something else?

Police rally when Kayla is reported missing, but can they find her in time?