After Dawn

Romance, General Fiction, Christian Books

By Roschelle McKenzie

Publisher : Ready Writer Ministries

ABOUT Roschelle McKenzie

Roschelle McKenzie
Roschelle McKenzie began her writing career at the age of nine with a piece of chalk and a chalkboard in Portmore St. Catherine, Jamaica. Scribbling dusty stories for her younger brother, she came to love the art of storytelling.  Little did she know, her powdery pasttime would lead to an More...



Four years have passed since Sabrina was betrayed by her fiancé Eric Morrison and best friend Monique (Niqi) Henry. Her relationship with Eric was healed and all was forgiven...or so she thought. Niqi plots to ruin Sabrina's fairytale ending, and her plans just may work-just not as she calculates. After a tragic car accident, Niqi's life hangs in the balance and Eric's unwavering commitment to be at Niqi's bedside brings Sabrina face to face with her harbored hatred. This fierce hatred is intensified when Sabrina discovers her mother, Gina, has made amends with Calvin Doomes, the man who killed her twin brother.
Pushed to the brink, Sabrina escapes to Jamaica where she faces an unlikely temptation that threatens to destroy her marriage. Can Sabrina break free from prison of bitterness and anger, or will it consume her and destroy the life she has fought so hard to live?

After Dawn is the highly anticipated sequel to Night Before Dawn.